Vapor Lock™ Family of Products

The Vapor Lock™ family of products are the backbone of SPG (Specialty Products Group®). SPG (Specialty Products Group®) was formed as a new voice for all the many quality, sustainable products & systems.

The original Imagination Company, has been a manufacturer of concrete repair and enhancement products for over a quarter of a century and the Specialty Products Group® is taking advantage of the experience and head shaking quality solutions. Vapor Lock 20/20™ is the heart and soul of the Vapor Lock™ Group. Vapor Lock 20/20™ sees the problems and the solutions with perfect clarity and foresight.

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Vapor Lock™ Projects

Project Description: An engineer for a chemical plant in the Midwest was looking for a solution for somewhat of a fast track project that needed to be completed. The plant was going to be shut down during the holidays and the contractor had 2 weeks to place new concrete that could be coated after just a few days with a chemically resistant coating for a retention pit, allowing them to reinstall their equipment and get back up and running for the New Year. The concrete was enhanced with Vapor Lock 20/20 and under proper controlled ambient conditions, the contractor was able to install IMCO TECHNOLOGIES 700 series IMKOTE well ahead of the standard “28 days” required for unenhanced concrete. In fact, enhancing their concrete with Vapor Lock 20/20 kept them not only on, but ahead of schedule they were able to get this project completed a couple of days early.

Products Used: Vapor Lock 20/20, IMCO TECHNOLOGIES 700 series IMKOTE

Concrete Contractor: Nutech Services, Michigan
Batch Plant: Port Huron Building Supply, Port Huron, Michigan
Project Description: Three separate pours, two at 2,000 sqft colored concrete, one pour was 300 sq ft colored in-laid bar top
Products Used: Vapor Lock 20/20 WVRA

SyDesign - James Yu, AIA, NCARB, Port Huron, Michigan
KF Engineering Inc. - Ken Forgiel, P.E., Port Huron, Michigan
Tetra-Tech Inc. - Mike Rossow, P.E., Port Huron, Michigan
GC/ Contractor: Fessler & Bowman, Saginaw, Michigan
Batch Plant: Superior Materials, Marysville, Michigan
Project Description: Three levels: Slab on Grade 24”x 4,800 sqft, Slab on pan 9”x 4,800 sq ft and 8” x 1,200 sq ft
Products Used: Vapor Lock 20/20 WVRA, Vapor Lock Enhanced Concrete, VLEC

A/E: S.L.A.M. Collaborative / DiekemaHamann
GC: Walbridge, Michigan
Concrete Contractor: Grand River Concrete, Michigan
Batch Plant: High Grade Materials, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Project Description: Three levels Slab on Grade, Slab on pan Approx. 34,000 sq ft
Product Used: Vapor Lock 20/20 WVRA

Architect: KBJM Architects, Mt. Juliet TN
Concrete Supplier - Cumberland Supply, Carthage TN
Water Vapor Reducing Admixture used: Vapor Lock 2020™
Mix: 4,000 PSI with Type C Ash Mix Design with Vapor Lock 20/20™

Water Vapor Reducing Admixture: Vaporlock 20/20™
Mix Design: 6 sack w/50 lbs fly ash, 5” slump

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Project Partners:
Finishing Company: D.J. Rossetti
Project Management Company: C S Arch
Architect: Tom Kenny, C S Arch
General Contractor: Bette & Cring
Testing: Atlantic Testing Labs

General Contractor: Wallace & Smith
Concrete Contractor: Terry Bedford
Concrete Ready-Mix: Golden Empire
Flooring Contractor: San Joaquin Interiors

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General Contractors: Wallace and Smith
Concrete Contractor: Baymarr

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General Contractor: Colombo Construction & Tumblin Construction
Architects: HMC

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