Certification Process

Thank you for your interest in SPG and Vapor Lock 20/20™. To obtain certification, please read the information below and take the proper test.  Alternatively, if you would rather print and read the material, please click here to download a PDF, thank you.

Test Links are at the bottom of this page.

Information for the Concrete Professional

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our WVRA (Water Vapor Reducing Admixture) Vapor Lock 20/20™. It is a simple product to work with and understand.

We believe what is necessary to make the world a better place is a renewed interest in quality and performance. We also recognize the increased economic challenges you are facing and we would like to be a productive partner in this process. Proposing a value added product such as VL 20/20™ will enhance the concrete quality and performance while also enhancing your reputation as a well informed concrete professional.

VL 20/20™ utilizes the free water or water of convenience in the concrete mix and creates additional C-S-H (calcium silicate hydrate), the building block of concrete. C-S-H is what is formed by the tri and Dicalcium silicate in the Portland cement when they mix with water.

VL 20/20™ disallows the formation of bleed water and consequently the capillaries in concrete are closed and the slab hydrates evenly, as there is no water vapor emission to cause slab curl or plasting cracking your product is enhanced in a variety of ways.

One of the many enhancements offered to concrete by VL 20/20™ is the ability to adhere water-based coatings and adhesives, including flooring, to a slab without an expensive Topical moisture remediation process. Additionally as the capillaries are closed the potential for salt or any chemical intrusion is eliminated.

Testing shows concrete treated with this technology is impermeable to 2.6 x 10-10 cm/s as measured by ASTM D 5084. This means it would take 1,211 years for a drop of water to pass through 4 inches of enhanced concrete, fyi this test is conducted at 5 times hydrostatic pressure.

VL 20/20™ water proofs and vapor proofs concrete, in addition to allowing moisture sensitive materials to adhere to enhanced concrete easily. We also stop any passage of moisture through a slab and we stop most chemical and salt intrusion into concrete.

Some examples of where we would bring additional value to a project:

Where there is moisture sensitive coatings and adhesives, including flooring, on a project

  • Healthcare
  • Public Education
  • Higher Education

Below grade walls and floors are ideal candidates for this treatment to stop vapor or water transmission into the occupied space

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Basements

Where additional freeze thaw stability or chemical intrusion elimination would benefit the application

  • Highways
  • Runways
  • Piers
  • Parking Garages
  • Sidewalks

You and your clients will be pleased by the painless positive results obtained by the utilization of Vapor Lock 20/20™.

Manufacturing Quality

100% of all Vapor Lock 20/20™ batches are quality inspected and we retain samples from every batch.
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Mixing Procedures

Add VL 20/20™ with the headwater or tail-load it, do not allow it to come directly into contact with the Portland Cement or other admixtures. Please do not use an SRA or any water proofing admixtures. Do not exceed a .50 w/cm in place.

While we do not increase the slump we do hav some of the effects of a mid-range water reducer in terms of Pumpability and Workability. Pump pressure is typically decreased by about 20-30% and this is also true for LWT. When using accelerators and retarders it is recommended you work with less than normal until you are fully in tune with the benefits of VL 20/20.

Expect your breaks to be increased by at least 25% as we are creating more of the building block of concrete.

We offer a substantial warranty to the project, labor and material replacement in event of a moisture related coating or adhesive failure, as such and by our natural inclination we are obsessed with quality.

We ask that you:

  • Send to us test cylinders which we will retain for at least 1 year past the substantive completion of the project, 1 4" test cylinder per daily placement.
  • Send to us reports from the concrete inspector
  • Send to us a copy of the mix design.
  • Contact us for all projects in excess of 500 yards as we will want to be on site if possible.

Please contact us if you need assistance with the dosing process as we can help with batch plant installs or portable dosing equipment.

Finishing Procedures

The significant difference between Vapor Lock 20/20™ enhanced concrete and unenhanced is the absence of any significant bleed water. If you observe any significant bleed water please notify us and we can use some after installation treatments to obtain similar results per the project requirements.

VL 20/20™ will increase your finishing time by the elimination of any bleed water, subsequently the rest of the process is business as usual on a good day.

There will be extra Creme for you to work with and burnishing a finish on the slab will not be possible.


There is a certification test for finishers and QC/Batch Plant operators to ensure their proficiency with the use of this product. Certified Professionals are a part of our standard specification. Please take the appropriate test found at the top left of this page and we will be pleased to send you a Certificate suitable for framing.

We fervently believe that all parties will be pleased by the inclusion of Vapor Lock 20/20™, please contact us and share your experiences.

Your clients will be pleased by your up to date knowledge of concrete technology. Thank You!