About Specialty Products Group

SPG, Specialty Products Group, is an organization formed specifically for the purpose of bringing sustainable solutions to the construction environment and the world at large. Specialty Products Group has been manufacturing many of these solutions for decades; SPG will be optimizing product performance and presentation with a dedicated staff of experienced professionals.

Creating and providing solutions for concrete repairs is satisfying due to Specialty Products Groups genuine dedication to a quality conscious sustainable world.

The problem with concrete is its porosity; SPG knows how to close the capillaries in concrete allowing it to fully participate in the cradle to cradle life cycle of concrete.

As an opening product offering Specialty Products Group has a complex proprietary concrete admixture technology. This material has been primarily employed as a Densifier & Hardener. It has been discovered this material stops moisture vapor emission and allows you to utilize today’s water-based adhesives and coatings.

There are a variety of sustainable products in the pipeline for release soon, we promise you it will be fascinating!

Featured Projects

VA Health Care Center

UNC Heart and Vascular Hospital

Houston Methodist Hospital North Campus