Vapor Lock 20/20™


Vapor Lock 20/20Vapor Lock 20/20™ is a complex proprietary concrete admixture that stops moisture related construction issues arising from the reduced VOC requirements that forced adhesives & coatings to be water-based. These healthy low VOC materials have no tolerance for the moisture vapor emission (MVE) emanating from the concrete.

VL 20/20 uses the Free Water or Water of Convenience in concrete to disallow any MVE and allow you to work appropriately with current no VOC Technology.

This is a proven solution for Flooring, Roofing and Vapor Barrier materials!

Vapor Lock 20/20™ Brief Description:

A concrete admixture designed to work with the free water and various components of the cement to create a non-hygroscopic concrete that allows the on time installation of today's VOC Free moisture sensitive water based coatings and adhesives, including flooring. Vapor Lock 20/20™ also makes the concrete impermeable to salt and other damaging compounds, amazing benefits.

Improve IAQ/IEQ, Save Money & Maintain Project Schedule

Vapor Lock 20/20™ stops moisture vapor emission into the occupied space of a new building-a 50,000 sf concrete building has over 27,000 gallons of water trapped in the concrete as a byproduct of installation. We utilize this extra water in a proactive, economical, healthy fashion. LEEDing the way through Concrete is an interesting article, let us know what you think of it when you have a chance, thanks for your interest.

Vapor Lock™ Family of Products

The Vapor Lock™ family of products are the backbone of SPG (Specialty Products Group).  SPG (Specialty Products Group®) was formed as a new voice for all the many quality, sustainable products & systems.

The original Imagination Company, has been a manufacturer of concrete repair and enhancement products for over a quarter of a century and the Specialty Products Group® is taking advantage of the experience and head shaking quality solutions.  Vapor Lock 20/20™ is the heart and soul of the Vapor Lock™ Group. Vapor Lock 20/20™ sees the problems and the solutions with perfect clarity and foresight.

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SPG Specialty Products Group®

SPG, Specialty Products Group®, is an organization formed specifically for the purpose of supplying engineered sustainable solutions to the construction environment and the world at large. SPG will be re-purposing, measuring and optimizing product performance and presentation with a dedicated staff of experienced professionals.

Our commitment to excellence in testing, manufacturing and field support will bring great dividends to your organization. We look forward to working with you.

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Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Vapor Lock 0/0™

Vapor Lock 0/0™ is a post applied integral product that brings many benefits in just one coat with one product.

Brief Description:

  • Cure & Seal on Fresh Concrete-Eliminates
  • Plastic cracking
  • Dusting
  • Moisture Transmission
  • Salt intrusion

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Vapor Lock 25/25™

Vapor Lock 25/25™ is a Mortar Additive that stops efflorescence and Alkali attack, with benefits gained from closed capillaries.

Brief Description:

  • No Shrinkage or delamination
  • Freeze Thaw Stability increased
  • Increased workability
  • Cold weather workability enhanced

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BDE 1001™

BDE 1001™ is a post applied integral product specifically designed for success in your environment.

Brief Description:

BDE 1001™ is a VOC free, phosphate free micro etching masonry cleanser. BDE 1001™ prepares all masonry surfaces to receive specialty coating applications. BDE 1001™ is seal and eco logo approved.

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